I Back Jack In The News

last week and is a really nice, in-depth overview of Jack and the I Back Jack Foundation.

the other night on the show E:60 on Aaron Rodgers; there was a wonderful segment that featured Jack! The show is re-airing on 1/14 at 7 am

Others to garner the popular honor this year include Sarah Bartosz, president of the I Back Jack Foundation Inc., William Singleton, a Milwaukee police officer, and Sheldon Oppermann, vice president of Compass Properties.

The fact that he is on the box with Green Bay Packers quarterback and MVP Aaron Rodgers is a highlight for the young boy...

A Waukesha County boy who's fighting childhood cancer has found a new friend in Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and landed with him in an impressive spot ? on the brand new Wheaties box.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sits down with Wayne Larrivee to talk about his involvement with the MACC Fund. He highlights his relationship with Jack Bartosz, a Hartland boy with Neuroblastoma. Jack is on the back of the Wheaties box with Rodgers.

Hartland foundation turns one familie's struggle into hope for others.