Learn about the Journey to Gold In September

The I Back Jack Foundation was never just about our beloved Jack. Backing research, inspiring hope, beating cancer, and securing a brighter future for children yet to be diagnosed was the premise of the Foundation. In 2014, Jack's twin sister, Annie had the idea to turn the world gold during the month of September, ultimately inspiring Gold In September® (G9). G9 is unique because it focuses on all children … fighting all cancers … in all regions of the country with a golden umbrella of optimism for the future. Building awareness of the more than 12 major types of childhood cancer and the urgent need for novel treatments to improve survival with limited toxicity and overall quality of life remains the goal.

Learn about the journey from I Back Jack Foundation that inspired and led us to Gold In September below!

As we begin the sunsetting process of closing operations as a separate Foundation and begin the exciting transition to fully support Gold In September (G9), we wanted to share the historical journey of where this all started and how it has grown into the gold movement we are building today!

G9’s mission is to increase funding for childhood cancer research and initiatives by growing awareness that inspires action to help every child, everywhere. The goals are the same, but the scope and breadth are much bigger, wider, and far-reaching. Jack and John have completed their work while their spirit continues to propel us down the golden path with a singular mission and purpose: find cures, save lives.

Together, we will color the world gold so every child, everywhere, will survive cancer. Let's make it happen!